Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Commercial Pressure Cleaning is a quick and cost-effective way to freshen up the exterior of your commercial property making it presentable and inviting. The high powered stream of water can strip away dirt, grime, tough stains, dust, bird droppings, mould and mildew effectively. We also offer soft washing – a low pressure cleaning that can clean delicate surfaces effectively with long lasting results.

Our Commercial pressure cleaning services include:

Building Wash

Building Wash Tile / Concrete Pavers


Carpark / Driveways


Brick / Rendered Walls




Gutter & Eaves Removal






Tile / Concrete


Oil / Grease Removal

What methods do we use to clean?

We only use commercial grade equipment offering:

  • Hot Water – delivers quality results consistently
  • Cold Water – great for rinsing of surfaces & washing
  • Soft Washing & Hot Water – chemical cleans for heavy mould, lichen & soilage

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The results will speak for themselves.

Soft Washing

At Exterior Clean Melbourne we are fully equipped with the latest Soft Wash system. It is a pressure cleaning system that uses low pressure and safe biodegradable chemicals to effectively remove tough stains, mould, mildew and more. This low pressure cleaning method is particular good for cleaning walls with delicate materials and cladding.

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