Residential Window & Skylight Cleaning

Skylight cleaning Melbourne

What do we use to clean your windows?

  • We can reach up to 7 storeys high with our Carbon Fibre Poles
  • We use professional glass scrapers, squeegees & applicator
  • We use the latest Pure Water System on your exterior windows

What types of window cleaning service do we offer?

  • Interior & exterior window cleaning
  • Fly screen cleaning
  • Leadlight glass cleaning
  • Skylight cleaning

Skylight Cleaning

If you have skylights on your property, you will want to maintain them so they do what they are supposed to do – bringing in more natural light into the house and increasing energy efficiency. Like the rest of your roof, skylights can build up a layer of moss, mildew, grime, dust and bird droppings over time. If the idea of DIY skylight cleaning is not the kind of fun you are after, give Exterior Clean Melbourne a call and let us clean it for you with our pressure cleaning equipment.

Why hire us?

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